Each client has specific needs based on their own personal health history so consults are never rushed. Many of the cases I agree to take are often the hard to treat/ hard to diagnose type so often my work will entail meticulous research once the consult ends. With this, I then will perfectly executed and design a health protocol based on your specific situation.

In return, I expect my clients to be fully committed to putting in the work it takes to heal. There is no healing unless both sides are completely and totally present.

This initial consultation is a deep dive into your health history. This is where further details about your health are gathered, where past labs and treatment information is reviewed, and where it's determine which lab tests (if any) are necessary to get to the root-cause of your health concerns. Action steps will also be implement with diet and lifestyle approaches, and possibly with personalized herb or supplement treatments, to help you get symptomatic relief. A treatment plan will be created specifically designed for you based on the information gathered. This is a comprehensive dive so I also spend time after the consult to do extensive research on your case.
Initial Consult from 60-90 mins

Follow-ups help us to see and assess improvement, make changes to a treatment plan, or move to the next step in treatment as your progress. Follow- ups could be scheduled anywhere form 3 to 6 weeks after the last consult.
Follow up consults are 60 mins

Quick follow-ups help us to see and assess improvement, make changes to a treatment plan, or move to the next step in treatment as your progress. The Quick Consult is good if you have any questions or we just need to make a small adjustments to your plan.
Quick Follow-up are 30 mins

Receipts are given for insurance and / or income taxes purposes. While fees are not covered by Quebec Medicare, many insurance companies offer coverage for naturopathic services. Check with your insurance provider for more information.


Philosophy of Treatment: Each client's treatment plan is individualized with goals of minimizing symptoms, maintaining emotional health, improve functioning and enhancing a general quality of life. Because the treatment process involves the active participation of both of us, I encourage clients to ask questions, educate themselves about their health issues and discuss any concerns about their treatments with me.

Active Participation: In order for treatment to be effective, it is necessary for you to take an active role in the process. Participation involves following your treatment plan given to you after each consult, being honest about your goals, discussing concerns you have about your health and or treatment plan and to be present for each follow-up appointment. Your growth and healing which you are seeking with treatments will be accomplished ONLY when making a commitment to it. If you do not yet feel ready to fully commit to your healing and do whatever it takes, the process won't be successful. I prefer only working with clients who are fully ready to commit.


To get started, download the Initial Intake Form and Clinic Policy. Fill these out and return them to me. From there, we can assign a time/date for your personalize consult. 

Clinic Policy 2022