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What to Expect

Initial Consult Comprehensive Case Review (60-75 mins)This initial consultation is a deep dive into your health history. You can meet by video consult, or in person at her LaSalle office. This is where further details about your health are gathered, where past labs and treatment information is reviewed, and where it's determine which lab tests (if any) are necessary to get to the root-cause of your health concerns. Action steps will also be implement with diet and lifestyle approaches, and possibly with personalized herb or supplement treatments, to help you get symptomatic relief. A treatment plan will be created specifically designed for you with protocols that have a set beginning and end point.

Comprehensive Follow-Up Appointments (60 mins): Follow-ups help us to see and assess improvement, make changes to a treatment plan, or move to the next step in treatment as your progress. Follow- ups could be scheduled anywhere form 3 to 6 weeks after the last consult. 

Quick Follow-Up Appointments (30 mins): Quick follow-ups help us to see and assess improvement, make changes to a treatment plan, or move to the next step in treatment as your progress. The Quick Consult is good if you have any questions or we just need to make a small adjustments to your plan.

I also offer

Healing Energy Session (60 mins): Mix of therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Visualization: A typical treatment session consists of the following procedure: Discussion with the client, taking their details and gaining an understanding of why they have come to see me. The treatment itself. For most of the therapies, the client will need to lie on a massage table. The client remains fully clothed throughout the process and is free to stop the treatment at any stage. Feedback and review following the treatment. These sessions are done in office only. 

Just Talk Healing Sessions (60 mins): The Just Talk session offers gentle and kind emotional/ spiritual guidance in the way of deep listening and talking sessions. You will learn not to let the emotions overwhelm you and your awareness of reality increases. These sessions are wonderful for anxiety, panic disorder, PTSD, depression. These sessions an be done in office or remotely. For more info, click here. 

Nutrition Coaching (60 mins): My years of experience and schooling on nutritional helps me guide others on how to make the right food choice for their lifestyle. I offer Holistic Nutritional coaching evidence-based techniques for diet, lifestyle and detoxification. Instead of focusing on just one aspect of the person, or taking a one size fits all methodology, holistic nutrition evaluates the complete health history, emotional state, lifestyle habits and current diet habits of an individual to determine the root cause of his or her health issues

Vegan / Vegetarian Nutritional Coaching: Click here for more details

In office:  Consult to be paid in full at the consult 


Remote Consults: All payments must be made in full prior to the consult (no exceptions). 


Payment methods: Cash, Check, Online Bank transfer or PayPal  (PAYPAL FOR US ONLY)

Consultation Fees

Initial visit: (60-90 min)– $160 *

Follow up visit: (60 min) – $125 *

Quick Follow up visit: (30 min return) – $85*

Just Talk Healing Sessions (60 mins): $100
Nutrition Coaching Session (60 mins): $125

Fees include a treatment protocol

Insurance Receipts are issued for all of the above services. Most private health plans and income tax cover Naturopathic care. 


Office /Skype / Facetime Hours  / Heures de travail

Monday to Friday (Lundi- Vendredi) 10:00am to 5:00pm (EST)
Saturday (samedi) 10:00am to 2:00pm

Contact me: Jennifersierzant@gmail.com