What I treat

"Your health and healing is an investment....don't trust that to just anyone" ~ Jennifer Sierzant 

My goal is to provide you with optimum health in the safest and healthiest manner possible. I focus on balancing the body in order to get your health back on track, so you can feel well and get back to living. My approach in non-invasive and practical. I will guide you physically, mentally and emotionally through this process of healing.

Lyme Disease 


Auto Immune Disorders (Lupus, Fibro, MS etc

Chronic Illness

Digestive issues (SIBO, IBS, parasites, H Pylori  etc...)

Adrenal Fatigue 

Anxiety /Depression/Panic Disorder

Systemic Candida 

Thyroid Disorders 
Skin Issues (eczema, hives, psoriasis) 

Arthritic Conditions 




Nutrition Coaching


Wellness Coaching 

Teaching; Gluten Free and Vegan Eating
Heavy Metal Toxicity Detox

Join The Kind Eating Revolution

Vegan /Vegetarian 
Nutrition Coaching Program 

As a certified Naturopathic Practitioner and who's also been veg a large portion of my adult life, my passion is to teach others how to eat a kind diet in a healthy way. 
Whether you want to become a full fledged vegan or vegetarian or you just want to learn how to incorporate more kind eating into your diet, I will guide you on how to do that in a nutritious and delicious way. For more info, click the "Learn More" button