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Disease Start in the Cell

Gemmotherapies are one of the most effective ways to restore vitality. There are many different gemmo remedies that cover all of the body's functioning systems~ Jennifer Sierzant

                                                                                                    What Is Gemmotherapy?

Gemmotherapy extracts are the most potent addition to the field of plant-based therapies. Gemmotherapy extracts are produced from select plant embryonic tissues, most often the tree branch buds, for health restoration and maintenance. The tree buds contain the growth material of the entire plant and are the most nutrient dense part of the plant. The action of these extracts on a cellular level promote drainage, tonification, and rejuvenation of organs. The use of Gemmotherapy extracts for acute and chronic symptoms leads to a restoration of immunity, which is the foundation for health.
Gemmotherapy has undergone over 50 years of university-level biochemical and clinical studies in Europe to determine the individual properties and actions each extract has on particular organs and organ systems. Through these studies and the collection of empirical data, Gemmotherapy was granted the status of an approved medicine by the European Union and the making of the extracts is outlined in the European Pharmacopoeia. Today, Gemmotherapy has started to catch the attention of those seeking natural methods to improve their immunity as well as healthcare providers such as homeopaths, naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, midwives, nurse practitioners, pediatricians, and family practice doctors.












Why use Gemmotherapy

 Why Use Gemmotherapy?

Most of us struggle with lowered immunity and the wide range of chronic symptoms that come with it. When our immune system is compromised, our bodies are unable to optimally remove waste produced from food consumption and metabolic action. This puts a lot of stress on the kidneys. If this state is prolonged, the liver, lymphatic and circulatory systems become congested and the entire immune system suffers, leaving us more susceptible to illness. In this state of poor elimination, the pH of the body can no longer remain neutral.
States of acidosis develop and tissues begin to deteriorate. Healthy cell production cannot occur in a state of acidosis. This degeneration reduces the performance of any organ or glands in the affected areas. What this boils down to: our bodies cannot fight off or recover from illnesses in this state. To return our bodies to health, we have to find our way back to healthy cell production. And here is the beauty of Gemmotherapy! When used holistically and systematically, it excels at shifting states of acidosis and healing the immune system from that cellular level. This is one of the many reasons why I love Gemmotherapy—its power lies in its effectiveness at reminding the body of what it can do when it’s operating at its optimum capacity.

Biology of Gemmotherapy
The power of Gemmotherapy lies in the fact that it’s the only medicine which simultaneously nourishes and cleans cells. Each Gemmotherapy extract is based on a single tree or shrub and addresses individual organ systems. Some extracts are polychrests and have multiple actions while others have very specific uses. This gentle yet powerful medicine can be used on newborns to geriatric patients. It provides immediate support for acute illness and infections, leaving the affected organs clean and fortified at the end of treatment. Our knowledge of treating chronic conditions with Gemmotherapy is quickly expanding as a clear linear process takes shape. That the body heals best from chronic conditions when specific Gemmotherapy protocols are applied in a sequential order to address each of the following stages:

1. Opening elimination
2. Resolving acidosis and inflammation
3. Restoring and harmonizing normal organ function

Particular Gemmotherapy extracts are best applied at different stages in the process. By watching for very specific signs the body produces the practitioner can adjust the protocols gradually, preventing symptom aggravations and/or setbacks and creating at the end a lasting cure of chronic conditions. The most effective and efficient results can only occur when the Gemmotherapy protocols are complemented by a clean diet that is whole food and plant based.

Detoxification and Drainage

Although each remedy has specific actions and specific targets, the main goal of gemmotherapy is cellular detoxification and drainage. Healing starts at the cellular level and healing cannot occur when cellular functions are blocked due to toxins. Gemmotherapies also stimulate the proper functioning of the organs by allowing them to remove their toxic load. The main principle behind gemmotherapy is the promotion of drainage and detoxification at a cellular level. Only when this happens can the body truly heal itself. Drainage and detoxing in patients has changed over the centuries – hormones, vaccinations, drugs and petrochemicals are rampant in our environment as compared to in the past. These toxins can block the replication of cells. Without these cell replications, organ failure results.

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