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Long term antibiotics

Jennifer Sierzant is a highly regarded Lyme Literate Naturopath. She works with Lyme clients all over the world. Her method for working with Lyme is restoring the body's terrain/ immune system. Jennifer also suffered from chronic Lyme Disease for over 15 years and happily, she has been in full remission from the disease since 2009.

To gain easier access to her services and treatment, Jennifer offers remote consultations all over the world. 

In her own words 

"Lyme disease is often not the cause of the disease becoming chronic. Most often the chronic state is caused by underlying issues which inhibited the body's healing abilities. My successful clients are those who realize there is no quick fix and they put in the work to get the results. My 15 year battle with Chronic Lyme was a blessing since it not only helped me understand my own body, but also because it connected me to some of the most amazing humans who's journey resembles mine"

Lyme is now the fastest growing infectious disease in the world. Many people are unaware they have Lyme and are often going undiagnosed or being diagnosed with other diseases. We've all heard of Lyme, but many people think it's a simple bacterial infection which can be cleared up in few weeks with antibiotics. This is NOT the case. When Lyme is diagnosed soon after infection it's easier to treat, but the problem is most people don't realize they've been infected and most MD's don't know how to spot it. The classic Lyme bulls-eye rash that appears after infection only appears 30% of the time.  That rash is a definite  diagnosis to Lyme. Once Lyme goes chronic, it causes havoc in the body which can cause major physical and psychological conditions. Most medical mainstream MD's do not know how to diagnose Lyme, nor do they know how to treat it. Also many will not even acknowledge chronic Lyme exists. 


What is Biotheraputic Drainage


Clearly, treatment for Lyme disease is complex and multi-factorial and can wreak havoc on every system of the body. While it may be near impossible to evaluate all these factors at once, it is important to keep in mind the widespread effects of the disease and address the person systemically. Simply killing bugs is not enough – immune, digestive, detox and hormonal systems must be supported to enable healing on a comprehensive level. 


Once I've educated on effective drainage and detox,  I then work on address the parts of the system that have been compromised.  I also address MTHFR (methylation) issues that can accompany Lyme Disease. 


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Methylation (MTHFR) Problems Lead to 100s of Diseases:




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