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Jennifer Sierzant Naturopath

"Like many of you, I jumped from doctor to doctor trying to find the answers as to why I was sick. I got a diagnosis but all that was offered to me were medications which never healed me but only suppressed my symptoms." 

My greatest strength has always been my deep diving into the the cause of disease. I never leave any stone unturned. This strength was developed when I had to heal my own chronic Lyme, Lupus, Panic Disorder, Digestion and Hormones issues which I suffered from for decades. I knew that the only way I would heal would be to investigate and try to figure out why I was so sick and not getting well. 

I embarked on a very painful but healing journey in order to unravel my diseases. The journey took me to many places and I saw many healers trying to figure out the puzzle to my diseases. It's only when I decided to take some Naturopathic courses in 2007 that I really started to see the big picture on how to heal. I knew I was on to something huge so I kept at the courses to keep learning. I tried many methods and protocols until one day, I just got well!!! I am happy to say that I have been in full functioning remission since 2009.


After healing myself, it was clear that my mission and passion was to educate others on how they can find their own path to long term sustain healing, so I registered for a 3 year program towards getting a Naturopath degree so I could bring this healing magic to those who are also facing health crisis. 

My goals are to work with clients who are ready to re-discover their health, their vitality and their passion. I offers a no-nonsense easy approach to wellness and work with clients to heal body, mind and spirit so they can heal as a whole.

My main practice is in Montreal, Quebec (Canada) but I work with clients globally via 
virtual consultation. I am a registered member of the La Fédération des Médecines Alternatives (FMA) and did a one year apprenticeship with an Integrative ND at her private clinic in Montreal from October 2010 until November 2011.

I opened my private practice in Feb 2012 and have been thriving since. I also participate in continued education.

I am an avid animal lover and worked in animal rescue for over 30 years. I love to exercise, cook, study and and I am also a furniture artist. 


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