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Let me guide you 

I offer the convenience of

office and Skype consults

to suit your busy schedule. 

Are you reading to take the journey to healing? 


Appointments are done in person if local to the Montreal Area or via Skype anywhere in the world.  I offer the convenience of skype consults "Remote Healing" to those who have very busy schedules, who need distant care or who just find it more convenient to not leave the comfort of their home/ office.



How it works:


Download the Intake Form and the Clinic Policy Agreement below. Once both of these forms are completed, you will email both forms to me so I can assess your case. From there, I can decide if I will take your case. I will only take the cases of those I feel I can help.  My goal as a Naturopath / Health Mentor is to reach the best outcomes possible in order to completely and totally heal my clients from their conditions.  I take my clients healing very seriously and I expect the same from each of my clients. 






Naturopathic Consults:


Initial Consult: Includes a 90 min consult, treatment plan and a full assessment of your health. The focus of your first appointment is to gather as much relevant information about your health as possible. Your pre-appointment questionnaire(s), your health history, diet/lifestyle information and assessing the previous testing which helps me provide valuable insights into your case which guides me to formulate an appropriate treatment plan. Occasionally, additional investigations may be recommended by me or via your MD by way of a functional pathology laboratory.  



Follow-up Appointments:  Includes a 30 or 60 mins consult, Follow-ups allow for careful monitoring of ongoing treatment plans with any adjustments needed with treatment and are anywhere from to 3-5 weeks after initial appointment. Follow-ups occur less as we reach closer to your health goals.  After a treatment plan has been initiated, variables that will influence how often you see your Naturopath include your compliance to the protocol, how complex your health concerns and health goals are, and how your body responds. There is not a set pattern to the treatment plan, as every person is unique, and responds differently to treatment.


Fees: Click here 



Other Services Offered:


Anxiety - Depression  & "Just Talk" Sessions: Click here for details and fees: click here 


Restorative Healing Energy Sessions: Click here for details and fees: click here 


Vegetarian / Vegan / Gluten Free Education and Diet support program: Click here for details and fees: click here 



Insurance Receipts are issued for all of the above services. Most private health plans and income tax cover Naturopathic care. 






In office:  Consult to be paid in full at the consult 


Skype Consult: All payments must be made in full prior to the consult (no exceptions). 


Payment methods: Cash, Check, Online Bank transfer or PayPal  (PAYPAL FOR US ONLY)




Work Hours (by appointment only):


Office Hours 

Monday to Friday 10:00am to 4:00pm (EST)
Saturday 10:00am to 2:00pm


Skype Hours:

Monday to Saturday 10:00am to 7:00pm (EST)


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