Are you looking to advice on what ​

This service is providing answers to the questions regarding

  • Suitable dosage 

  • Possibility of interaction between the medication and the natural supplements

  • Is particular ingredient safe if you have a certain health condition

  • How you should be taking them for the best results

  • For how long it is safe to take the specific natural medicine

  • How long it takes to see result

  • What to expect when taking a supplement

  • What the main Indication of the item is

  • What the possible side effects of the item are 

  • The next best choice/s to an item that is no longer available 

  • What product is the best in that category

  • Feedbacks on the items

Please note this consultation does not provide

  • Replacement to the advice of your other health practitioners

  • Does not provide in depth assessment, diagnosis, treatment suggestions, and treatment protocols.

  • Does not provide written prescription

Phone consultation service is only for helping our clients to get  more information on the recommended products and is not intended to provide diagnosis and/ or treatment for acute or chronic ailments and it does not replace your practitioner's advice, treatment protocols, or suggestions.