10 Week Chronic Disease Recovery Program

You've spent years looking for guidance for your chronic disease only to spend years struggling. I'm here to tell you that you can heal, it's not all in your head and you're not alone.  I too lived in the pain of chronic disease: In 1996, I started to show signs of Lupus but refused to believe it. I thought cleaning up my diet and exercising would cure me of being sick and though those changes did help, I was never fully well. It's only when I started to dig into the cause of my disease that I started to completely heal. My official Lupus diagnosis came in 2006. Then in 2007, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Did the Lyme cause Lupus? I will never know and frankly, the diagnosis didn't really matter. I just knew I had to get my immune system and life back into balance without having to name what I had. 

My disease left me totally drained, depressed and hopeless. I had to take a 9 month sick leave from my job because I could not function. As wonderful as my medical team was, their recommendations only took me so far.  I decided to really learn about my body by taking some courses in natural healing. I also moderated chronic disease message boards learning all that I could. After the 9 months was up, I headed back to work and at the same time, decided to signed up for a 3 year Naturopathy degree program. Working full time, life and courses wasn't easy, but I knew I had to find the way to complete my healing. I made a promise that once I graduated and healed, I would show others with chronic disease the way to healing. I felt so alone in my state and wanted to be there for others to show them they were not alone. 

Fast forward to present day 2018: I've been in full remission from chronic disease for close to 9 years now. How did I do it? It wasn't a magic pill or a supplement. It wasn't one particular thing that healed me, it was a "village" of changes I made to come to a state of healing. There's a scramble for answers and a hope that the next drug or the next supplement will be what "cures" you. Sadly, seeking that one magic remedy is a dead-end since there is no "one of" anything that heals chronic disease. I really had to dig and shift in order to heal. I didn't have many mentors on my healing journey, but the few I did have, taught me that the physical was just a very small portion of why I was sick. They taught me that I had to address the spiritual and emotional side to my disease. At first I was not having any of that and didn't believe my past or present emotional and spiritual state had anything to do with being sick, but when I finally put my ego aside, I realized, my mind and spirit were as imbalanced as my body which kept me in a state of dis-ease. This is why I decided to design the Chronic Disease Recovery Program because there are so many others out there, like me, who had little guidance towards healing completely from chronic disease. 


My Naturopath practice is currently made up of 80% of patients who have chronic disease and there is not one person who walks into my office who doesn't have an emotional and spiritual battle going on.  I always stress to clients that there is no "one size fits all quick fix" and that they need to commit to their healing. It's human nature to want to be relieved of pain as soon as possible, but in all cases of chronic disease, it took time for the body to create it, so it takes time to bring the body/mind/spirit back to balance. This 10 week program takes the time that's needed to help you understand and heal. I will show you the formula I used to heal. 

With my personal history of healing from a chronic disease along with my extensive experience as a Naturopath, my training in Mind/Body work, my 20 years in fitness and my many years spent in programs like Al Anon and seminars, I am qualified and empathetic in guiding  you in every way towards your recovery. 

The Chronic Disease Recovery Program is designed so that you can succeed at long term healing. Each program is designed to each clients specific needs. This program is for those who willing to put in the work and are willing to do whatever it takes to get well.  This program is a commitment to your healing and your new life. I will coach you in a loving and supportive way. 

The 8 week program includes the following:

  • How to develop a suitable exercise programs for your certain conditions

  • Just Talk - emotional and spiritual healing guidance sessions

  • Learning healthy eating habits according to your current diet and likes

  • Breathing exercises along with learning visualization and mind/body skills 

  • Teaching communication skills with family, friends and health care providers

  • Personalized supplement plan to  treat and ease the symptoms of your disease

  • Personalized lifestyle plan 

  • Working to find the cause of your chronic condition

  • Addressing your biography and your story that got you there in a gentle way. 

  • Private Lab testing (if needed). I work often on your existing lab work or will have you go back to your Medical Doctor to run more testing. I also work with symptoms to avoid the high cost of labs. I only recommended private lab work if your case is lagging.  
    Private lab test can cost anywhere from $300-1000. If needed, lab Kits will be ordered to you at no cost and each test (minus any blood drawing) can be done in the privacy of your own home . Lab fees and shipping are paid direct to the lab. 

    NOTE: You do not need to get off or replace any current medications you're taking to participate in the program. I will design your program in accordance to any medications you're taking. 


The First visit is a 90 min in-office or Skype consult: The focus of your first appointment is to gather as much relevant information about your health as possible. Your pre-appointment questionnaire(s), your health history, diet/lifestyle information and assessing the previous testing which helps me provide valuable insights into your case which guides me to formulate an appropriate treatment plan. 

4 x 30 min weekly phone follow ups: The 30 mins phone follow-ups allow for careful monitoring of ongoing treatment plans with any adjustments needed with treatment. We also work on each topic mentioned in the above program. 

5 x 60 min in-office or Skype follow- ups: These 60 mins follow-ups allow for careful monitoring of ongoing treatment plans with any

adjustments needed with treatment. We also work on each topic mentioned in the above program. 

Unlimited Email support between visits: This allows for any contact for any reason with me 


The Chronic Disease Recovery Program Price: $1200

The Chronic Disease Recovery Program is a pre-paid in full or 2 or 3 installments ($1200 - $600 or $400) sign up fee. 

The fee doesn't include the supplements. Supplements are given at a generous client discount over retails prices.  

Refunds (minus the initial fee) are given only after the first visit if you feel you and I are not a match. 
Insurance receipts are given for this program under Naturopathic Care. 

Please email me to book your spot in The Chronic Disease Recovery Program or if would like to set up a no cost 15 call to see if this program is right for you.  Jennifersierzant@gmail.com